Vicars, Rectors & Curates

If you’re anything like me, and fascinated with the trials and tribulations of Victorian clergy and parish life, or just enjoy disappearing into the world of Victorian realism, then here’s a little bibliography that may be of interest. I shall be reading through this list over the next year, and writing some reviews and spoilers on my blog.


The Vicar of Wakefield (1766) – Oliver Goldsmith

The Curate of Elmwood (1795) – Anthony Pasquin

The Country Curate (1830) – G.R. Gleig

The Vicar of Wrexhill (1837) – Frances Trollope

Milford Malvoisin, or Pews and Pewholders (1842) – Francis Edward Paget

The Warden of Berkingholt, or Rich and Poor (1843) – Francis Edward Paget

The Parish Rescued (1845) – W. F. Wilkinson

My Uncle the Curate (1849) – Marmion Savage

The Rector of St. Bardolph’s, or Superannuated (1852) – F. W. Shelton

The Warden (1855) – Anthony Trollope

The Village Curate: an Interesting Tale (1855) – Joseph Crawhall (Chapbook)

The old Grey Church (1856) – Caroline Lucy Scott

The Curate of the Holy Cross (1857) – Ernest Richard Seymour

Philip Paternoster (1858) – Charles Maurice Davies

The Curate and the Vicar (1859) – Elizabeth Strutt (American)

The Curate of Cumberworth and The Vicar of Roost (1859) – Francis Edward Paget

The Rector (1863) – Margaret Oliphant

The Perpetual Curate (1864) – Margaret Oliphant

The Curate’s Friend – A Story (1867) – Mrs. J. C. Wilson

The Vicars Courtship (1869) – George Walter Thornbury

The Vicar of Bullhampton (1870) – Anthony Trollope

The Rector of St. Marks (1874) – Mary Jane Holmes (American)

The Curate in Charge (1876) – Margaret Oliphant

Thomas Wingfold, Curate (1876) – George Macdonald

The Care of Souls (1879) – J.M. Cobban

Philip Hazelbrook, or the Juniour Curate (1887) – Henry Faulkner Darnell

Robert Elsmere (1888) – Mary Augusta Ward

The Vicar of Berrybridge (1889) – Charles R. Parsons

The Curates Home (1889) – Agnes Giberne

The New Rector (1891) – Stanley J. Weyman

The Little Minister (1891) – James Barrie

The Mystery of the Rat-Tailed Grey, or the Curate in Charge (1891) – WJ Hodgson

My New Curate (1899) – Patrick Augustine Sheehan

An Obstinate Parish (1899) – M. L. Lord

The Cathedral (1922) – Hugh Walpole

Author: Descartes Baker

Graduate in English with Creative Writing. Loves Victorian literature, poetry, watching the clouds go by, travelling, numismatics, and reading long forgotten and obscure novels.

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